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  • 30 Years of Experience in development of Precision Measurement Technology, Dr. Andreas Müller, Metroshift

    30 Years of Experience in development of Precision Measurement Technology

    Surface scanning with the Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machine NPMM-200 II,
    fabricated at the Institute for Process Measurement and Sensor Technology of TU-Ilmenau for the ITO Nano-Lab Stuttgart

  • Physics, optics and precision mechatronics<br/>the Home of modern Hi-End Metrology, Dr. Andreas Müller, Metroshift

    Physics, optics and precision mechatronics
    the Home of modern Hi-End Metrology

    Capacity to act and progress require unrestricted understanding and creativity for new solutions
  • Optimal adjustment is indispensable for highest precision.

    Optimal adjustment is indispensable
    for highest precision.

    We know how to condition metrology towards your goals. 
Foto: Oliver Birli | TU Ilmenau
Engineering for measurement technology

MetroShift - Measurement Technology Consulting

We have experience from 25 years of practical top-level research and production in the university context in 3D positioning and coordinate metrology, topography and distance measurement as well as in derived metrological areas.

Qualification of measuring systems

  • Analysis of systematic and random measurement errors
  • Setting up measurement error models for complex measurement arrangements
  • Derivation of the measurement uncertainty budget and identification of optimization potentials
  • Development of methods and procedures for reducing measurement uncertainty

Consulting for measurement technology development

  • Strategic design, construction and qualification of precision measuring systems
  • Optimization and upgrade of existing measuring systems
  • Core competencies:
    - Complex mechatronic measuring systems
    - Interferometric measuring systems
    - Data analysis and transformation
    - Calibration of normal incarnations

Project management and team leadership

  • Project management, coordination and external communication
  • Project management, coordination and external communication
  • Assistance with planning and execution of major projects

Topography and surface measurement

  • Calibration of standards for 2.5D- and 3D-topography measurement: Three-Flat Test, Three-Sphere Test, etc.
  • Fitting, stitching and transformation of measurement datasets
  • Referencing and qualification of topography measurement data
  • Optical and tactile probing
  • Scanning and imaging techniques


  • Measurement methodology and interferometer design
  • Signal evaluation and optimization
  • Data analysis
  • Measurement of transferable units

Counselling on measuring system setups

  • Shielding measures against environmental influences
  • Vibration isolation
  • Planning and design of laboratories for high-precision metrology
  • FEM-based analysis of mechanical stresses and thermal drifts in the measuring circuit

Accreditation according to DIN 17025

  • Technical assessor for dimensional measurands appointed by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS)
  • Consultancy for calibration laboratories:
    • Measurement uncertainty budget according to GUM / EA-4/02
    • Preparation of quality manual
    • Conformity assessment

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