Engineering for measurement technology

MetroShift - Measurement Technology Consulting

We have experience from 25 years of practical top-level research and production in the university context in 3D positioning and coordinate metrology, topography and distance measurement as well as in derived metrological areas.

Qualification of measuring systems

  • Analysis of systematic and random measurement errors
  • Setting up measurement error models for complex measurement arrangements
  • Derivation of the measurement uncertainty budget and identification of optimization potentials
  • Development of methods and procedures for reducing measurement uncertainty

Topography and surface measurement

  • Calibration of standards for 2.5D- and 3D-topography measurement: Three-Flat Test, Three-Sphere Test, etc.
  • Fitting, stitching and transformation of measurement datasets
  • Referencing and qualification of topography measurement data
  • Optical and tactile probing
  • Scanning and imaging techniques

Consulting for measurement technology development

  • Strategic design, construction and qualification of precision measuring systems
  • Optimization and upgrade of existing measuring systems
  • Core competencies:
    - Complex mechatronic measuring systems
    - Interferometric measuring systems
    - Calibration of normal incarnations


  • Measurement methodology and interferometer design
  • Signal evaluation and optimization
  • Data analysis
  • Measurement of transferable units

Accreditation according to DIN 17025

  • Advice for calibration laboratories:
  • - Uncertainty calculations
    - Creation of quality manual
    - Conformity assessment

Project management and team leadership

  • Project management, coordination and external communication
  • Project management, coordination and external communication
  • Assistance with planning and execution of major projects

Counselling on measuring system setups

  • Shielding measures against environmental influences
  • Vibration isolation
  • Planning and design of laboratories for high-precision metrology
  • FEM-based analysis of mechanical stresses and thermal drifts in the measuring circuit

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